Shoe Closet but also Wall Art

One of my ultimate favourite projects I have ever done, along with being the biggest, is this shoe closet.


I was at my parents place one night and my dad let me know that he had taken own the old tree house and I was welcome to use the wood. Well let me tell you I was excited. There might have been a few terrible dance moves that happened as well.


Ok, not only did I have access to beautiful reclaimed wood, but it also happened to be from the old tree house.

My brother had worked so hard for years to set up booby traps to keep my sister and I out of it. So you see I had to build the shoe closet from it because there was nothing else in the world that would bug my brother more. For all those younger siblings out there, you know what I’m talking about. I’m pretty sure I pulley’s out the Mr. Burns’ finger tenting while I was scheming my plan of revenge. “Excellent”


Unfortunately I can’t remember all the specifics for creating it. What I do remember is being check on constantly by both my parents while using the table saw. That and of course getting that tingly feeling when I tipped up this massive piece and started to place my beloved heels on it. You couldn’t have wiped the smile off my face if you tried. Well it might have faded slightly trying to maneuver that thing through a doorway into my bedroom.

We have moved since and sadly this does not fit in our bedroom anymore, but it now calls my husband’s office home. Lucky him! Not sure he feels that way, but there is enough sports memorabilia on the the walls that if makes up for it. Sure half of it’s mine to a sport that he didn’t really follow until I came into his life, but still I think it’s enough to offset the shoes. Right?


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