• Repurposed

    Making Kids Clothes from Thrifted Finds

    Making Kid’s Clothes from Thrifted Finds Does anyone else’s mind work this way? You happen upon a cute garment and ask yourself is this an atrocious colour for my skin tone? You betcha. Does it have a cute adorable pattern? Of course that why I picked it up. I should probably put this down. Yea down INTO MY CART! 

  • Blast from the Past

    Thrifted Burgundy Dress Refashion

    Thrifted Burgundy Dress Refashion My very first REFASHION!!!! So for the past couple days I’ve kept on seeing the “How You’ve Aged 10 Year Challenge” and it made me start thinking what was I up to back then. I cruising the old facebook page and presto came across my very first refashion.