• Blast from the Past

    Thrifted Burgundy Dress Refashion

    Thrifted Burgundy Dress Refashion My very first REFASHION!!!! So for the past couple days I’ve kept on seeing the “How You’ve Aged 10 Year Challenge” and it made me start thinking what was I up to back then. I cruising the old facebook page and presto came across my very first refashion.

  • Repurposed

    Men’s Suit Jacket Repurposed to an Adorable Children’s Dress​

    Men’s Suit Jacket Repurposed to an Adorable Children’s Dress I love picking up men’s suit jackets from second hand stores. Repurposing clothing is one of my ultimate favourite things to do, as there is so much you can reuse the fabric for. Anything from making cute little bunnies (my sis’ favourite) to refashioning it into a new jacket for yourself. This time I decided on making an adorable little dress for one of the cutest littles I know.

  • Refurbish,  Repurposed

    Dining Room Table Makeover

    Dining Room Table Makeover We have all encountered those scraped up and rundown dining room tables, wether you’re kicking around a garage sale, wondering through a secondhand store or driving by and see one sitting on the side of the road with a big FREE sign on it. (Lucky You!) There is always this little voice inside your head saying

  • Blast from the Past

    The Shoe Revamp

    The Shoe Revamp What do you do when you have an awesome pair of shoes that you adore, but they have had their best days behind them? Scour Pinterest and find a way to revamp them! 

  • Blast from the Past

    Woven Beach Mat turned Storage Box?

    Woven Beach Mat to Storage Box? Off the top I’m just going to apologize for the quality of the pictures. These were taken a very long time ago and on an old phone. I know what you’re thinking “Why turn a used beach mat into a storage box?”  Well let me ask you this, “Why not?” I’m only joking. So this is how it went down. My sister, my mom and I decided to have a little fun and head to the big city for a girls day.