• Refurbish

    Vintage Sewing Chair Refresh Goes Floral

    Vintage Sewing Chair Refresh Goes Floral How often do you venture outside your comfort zone? I am terrible for staying pretty much dead centre of my comfort zone. Well I decided to wonder out into extremely unknown territory and embrace floral for this project.

  • Refurbish

    Cut the Mustard with Fusion Mineral Paint

    Cut the Mustard with Fusion Mineral Paint Do you ever have a piece of furniture just yell at you? It almost always happens when you’re kinda just walking along browsing in a shop, scanning every department but not really diving in and looking. Then out of no wear your eyes fall on a piece and it’s yelling “Take me with you!”

  • Refurbish,  Repurposed

    Dining Room Table Makeover

    Dining Room Table Makeover We have all encountered those scraped up and rundown dining room tables, wether you’re kicking around a garage sale, wondering through a secondhand store or driving by and see one sitting on the side of the road with a big FREE sign on it. (Lucky You!) There is always this little voice inside your head saying

  • Blast from the Past

    Woven Beach Mat turned Storage Box?

    Woven Beach Mat to Storage Box? Off the top I’m just going to apologize for the quality of the pictures. These were taken a very long time ago and on an old phone. I know what you’re thinking “Why turn a used beach mat into a storage box?” ¬†Well let me ask you this, “Why not?” I’m only joking. So this is how it went down. My sister, my mom and I decided to have a little fun and head to the big city for a girls day.

  • Blast from the Past

    Shoe Closet / Wall Art

    Shoe Closet but also Wall Art One of my ultimate favourite projects I have ever done, along with being the biggest, is this shoe closet. I was at my parents place one night and my dad let me know that he had taken own the old tree house and I was welcome to use the wood. Well let me tell you I was excited. There might have been a few terrible dance moves that happened as well. Ok, not only did I have access to beautiful reclaimed wood, but it also happened to be from the old tree house.