Mod Podge Fabric Easter Bunny

I’m shaking up my Easter decor and putting in a little punch of colour. What better way to do that then use mod podge and fabric!

Looking through my stock pile I came across a very small amount of fabric I had purchased for whose know what. Probably saw it, fell in love and just had to have a piece for the ever growing stash. It’s fun and bright and that’s what I wanted to use to cover a little bunny decoration I had found a flea market. 

This is another relatively easy diy, but is a bit more time consuming. Nothing that can’t be done in an evening though. So if your ready to get a little messy here we go!

  1. Things needed:
  2. – any sculpture of your choice (less groves the easier it will be)
  3. – fun fabric of your choice
  4. – scissors
  5. – foam brush
  6. – mod podge*
  7. – scrap paper or newspaper to protect your work surface
  8. – disposable gloves *optional  (can get a bit messy)
Mod Podge – if you want to save a little bit of $ you can make your own
– just mix together equal parts white glue (that dries clear) and water in a sealable container. I use an old glass jar with a metal lid.

It will dry to a nice matt finish. Just make sure whenever you go to use it, to give it a really good stir.

To start I found it easier to cut the fabric into strips and then cut them down into chunks. As you can see I was not careful in cutting them into squares, I just started snipping. Of course you can do as you like. I’m going to go a head and call my cutting style that night, artistic creativity!

Once all you feel you have enough fabric cut, time to get at it. With your workspace lined to protect it, dip the foam brush into the mod podge and coat your first piece of fabric liberally. Once coated place it anywhere you’d like to start, making sure that the right side of the fabric is facing up. Now you will continue this process laying the next pieces of fabric slightly overtop of each other. Then just keep going until you have fully covered the sculpture. You may find that to make some of the pieces stick down into groves better that you use the foam brush to push it down or even using the side of a toothpick. When you have completely covered your sculpture let it dry for 24 hours. 

You will notice the lack of pictures of the during process because it was so messy to work with. So you may feel like you would prefer to wear disposable gloves for easy clean up.

Like I said before this project is a bit time consuming, so settle in with some great music, an awesome podcast or riveting audiobook and have at it. And as Bob Ross used to say there is no mistakes, just happy accidents. So whichever way this project takes you, embrace it. I went through the many steps of creating with this one. Happy one minute, extremely unsure the next, slight anxiety with the choice of fabric and of course at the end a huge smile with a good old happy dance.

A project like this is so much fun because everyone’s interpretation turns out so much different and absolutely amazing. I think that is what I love about creating so much.

Until next time Create, Smile and Radiate!

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