Dollar Store Mirror Glam-up

Recently I came across a mirror in the dollar store that looked like there was some potential for it
and my nieces birthday was coming up, so win, win.

With a little paint and imagination it came out so much better than I had expected. So I thought this would be an awesome easy upcycle to share for others because there has to be many other little ones (or yourself) out there that would love a little extra glam.

Supplies I used:

– Dollar Store Mirror (bought this one for $1.50 CAD)

– Fusion Mineral Paint in Metallic Rose Gold

Fusion’s Antiquing Wax (optional)

– Paint Brush (a small crafting brush works great)

– Waxing Brush (if using wax)

– Painter’s Tape

– Exacto/Hobby Knife 

– Dish to mix paint in

– Cup of water

– Some type of paper to protect your surface workspace

– Hairdryer or heat gun (optional, to help dry faster between coats)

– 2 Lint free rags* (one for cleaning and one that you don’t mind ruining with wax) 

Note: *Do keep in mind you can use another type of paint but it will need to be protected so that it does not scratch off.  Something along the lines of a polyurethane will work perfectly. I would suggest one that is a spray can as it will give a more seamless finish and you won’t have to worry about any bubbles. Any hardware store will carry this and I find it’s often cheaper there than at a craft store. (Well in Canada that seams to be the case at least)

1. With your work surface protected, start with wiping down the mirror and handle with a damp lint free cloth, removing any residue and oils.

2. Tape off entire mirror surface with painters tape and use your exacto/hobby knife to cut around the edges of the mirror, as you can see above. This will ensure no paint will get onto the mirror surface, making it much easier to paint the rest of the mirror’s border and handle.

3. With Fusion’s Metallic Paint’s, I find that they need to be thinned a little bit with water to get rid of any little clumps. Working with small amounts at a time, mixing a few drops of water with the metallic paint in a dish.

4. With the first coat you will notice because it is plastic that is being painted the covered is not great. With the second coat it will cover significantly better and easier to apply as well. Between each coat I used a hairdryer to help the paint dry faster. This is not necessary of course, but will take a little longer to paint.

5. I ended up doing 3 coats in total. The 3rd coat was more of a touch up and making sure I got in all the nooks and crannies on this mirror as it has a bit of a decorative design. 

6. Once the piece has dried fully it with then need to be protected. I used Fusion’s Antiquing Furniture Wax to do this. Using the ageing wax will also help any of the details stand out, making it a little less flat looking. 

Note: *if you are not using a wax to protect the paint this is when a couple coats of polyurathane will need to be applied. Following the directions on the can for wait time in-between coats and make sure it is done in a well ventilated area. It’s a very strong smell!

7. With using wax, all that is needed is a very small amount on the end of your wax brush. Working the brush in little tight swirls over the whole area. Swirling the brush ensures that it gets into all the tight grooves. Add more wax as needed to the brush and continue to apply ensuring all areas are covered well.

It will feel that there is an excess amount of wax sitting in the grooves. With a lint free cloth (one you’re ok will ruining) wipe off the excess wax. Wipe down to the desired state. If you feel that too much has been wiped off, simply go back and reapply the wax as needed into those areas you want a heavier covered in. Following the step of wiping off the excess with the lint free cloth. 

Drying time for the wax is roughly 10-20 minutes, but it is best to let sit to dry overnight.

Fusion Mineral Paint’s site does say it takes 21 days for the paint to fully cure (much like most paint) but can be used lightly within 24-48 hours. I did this project the day before my nieces birthday so it only had 24 hours to sit before it the first use and the paint is still holding strong. I believe the wax has helped it stay strong with its heavy use.

Isn’t it just amazing how much more detail stands out with using a wax. There are many different colours of wax that would each give the details a different look. It can be a bit tricky trying to pair a paint colour with the correct colour of wax. The greatest part of this wax is that if you apply it and it does not have the look you like, you can simply use your lint free cloth and rub down the item heavily right away. Working quickly is key as it does have a short drying time. 

Sometimes you can do a little research online and see if any other Fusion users have used the combo you are looking for. There is a large following on Instagram, using the #fusionmineralpaint to search, there is a very large amount to search through though. Pinterest is also an option by searching Fusion Mineral Paint and of course Facebook. If you are interest in this product and want to see others creations there is a Facebook group called Paint It Beautiful. And finally if not the most important an option is talking to a Fusion Retailer they are full of knowledge with this product and have most likely tested the exact colour match you are looking for. To find someone closes to you, you can search on Fusion’s website. There is an option to search for purchasing by person or on-line. Of course I am always going to lean towards in person as I love to drop into my retailer’s store and talk projects. If no one is close to you then on-line is a great option as well and retailer’s are so willing to help with questions. They love this paint want you to love it too and succeed with all your projects!

With that another project is in the books. I would love to see all the ideas you come up with, with this fun upcycle so please tag me on Instagram. Also click the links below to follow along on Instagram and/or Facebook as I post there more often with creations and try and do daily stories of what all I’m up too. 

Until next time Create, Smile and Radiate!

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