DIY Funky & Spunky Magnets

Sometimes it’s the simplest DIYs that can give you a little creative spark when you need it the most.

I’m not sure about you, but this winter has really weighted down my creativity and my gumption to get up and even attempt anything. The infamous Canadian third winter has officially hit our area and I could not be more ready for spring. It seems as of late all my ideas have to do with bright colours and flowers and I can’t wait to sink my creative teeth into it. The only reason I haven’t started those projects yet is that dam snow that I see every morning that makes me feel like I’m a few months ahead of myself. Ok enough of the weather and my grumbling, you probably hear that every 30 seconds when you are out and about. Let’s check out some funky and spunky magnet diy’s.

The first magnets diy we are starting off with tacks!

Items used:

  • -craft paint
  • -small paint brushes
  • -box (hold tacks to dry)
  • -heavy pliers or strong wire cutters
  • -spray varnish (optional) *will keep paint from scraping off, but makes them shiny
  • -hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • -small pom poms
  • -small gauged magnets (find at a craft or dollar store)

I used a box to hold the tacks, which is needed after a little paint was applied. For the paint I picked my favourite colour of the day (everyone has one right?!) and ended up applying two coats to get full coverage. The first is very streaky and it looks like not much paint sticks but on the second coat you get much better coverage. 

Once the paint was dry, time to whip out the old trusty glue gun and try not to burn some fingers. Now these steps could be swapped, no real reason I did them in this order besides getting excited to use the pom poms. I went through the package of pom poms and picked out the colours I wanted to use and the best ones. With just a dollop of hot glue on top I attached the pom poms.

Now time to snip off the tack portion. My wire cutters were not quite heavy duty enough to get through the tack, so I ended up using the snipping part on the pliers. Downside of that is that I couldn’t get up snug to the plastic to cut off the tack so it left just under 1/4″ of the tack. I just added a little extra hot glue to the base to build it up and then pressed the magnet into the hot glue.  

Yes from the side it doesn’t look the greatest, but no one is ever looking that close and from the side. Just straight on and all eyes on those pom poms! Fun fact the colours I chose were actually one of my besties wedding & still favourite colours so I gave her a little gift for her fridge.

Snazzy magnet remake #2 with my favourite paint of all time Fusion Mineral Paint, but we are going metallic. Woop! Woop! Haha I love pop of matellics around my house. I usually tend to lean towards wooden, blacks and heavier darker furniture and accents pieces, so with a few metallic pieces here and there it make it look not so bogged down. Making it a bit brighter and let’s be honest just a whole lot funner. Funner? More fun? Mehh… let’s go with funner and stick to my true crazy self.

One of the things I love about Fusion is that they have these small little pots of their paint. So if you really don’t need much for a project these are the perfect option. A couple of these I got as a stocking stuffers, wow does my mom know me! 

The colours I chose are my favourite go to for metallics Vintage Gold, Copper and Rose Gold. Now usually anything that has pink in it I run away from, but rose gold has softened me and I really, really like it. Rose colour was my Grandma’s favourite colour so every time I see rose gold it makes me think of her and gives me a big smile. It’s a little bit of her and a little bit of me, which is just perfect!

Items used:


This one was really quite simple and fast to do. The magnets that I picked up were simple plastic ones that are easy to paint. With it being slick plastic the metallic paint wouldn’t stick to well without a little help. Fusion’s Ultra Grip to the rescue, this product is perfect to put any surface that just won’t let paint adhere properly to it. If you are working on bigger projects keep in mind that this will leave brush strokes so try and apply it as smoothly as possible. For this little redo I was quite ok with brush strokes, giving it a little rustic vibe to it. Well that what I like to call it at least.

Simply apply a thin layer of ultra grip with a paint brush and let it dry. I suggest washing out your brush right away or that stuff will dry and could ruin your brush. Once the magnets are dry (I used a hair dryer to speed the process along) then paint on your first layer of metallic paint. The first coat won’t give you perfect coverage, it took me two coats to get full coverage.

I let these little beauties air dry for a couple days before putting them on my fridge. They had to hold some of the most prize possessions I have been given. All my littles art work! Being Aunty Annie to 10 and soon to be 11 is one of the biggest blessings and the gifts they give me absolutely melt my heart. One of my nephews knows me really well and drew for me an old school hockey mask with stitch like design all over it.

And just like that a funky little project has helped give me a little creative spark and now my head is flooded with ideas and my note book is getting filled with sketched out designs. 

Until next time, Create, Smile and Radiate!

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