Cut the Mustard with Fusion Mineral Paint

Do you ever have a piece of furniture just yell at you? It almost always happens when you’re kinda just walking along browsing in a shop, scanning every department but not really diving in and looking. Then out of no wear your eyes fall on a piece and it’s yelling “Take me with you!”

Which just means in your head you’ve already bought it and now you’re crossing your fingers and toes hoping the price tang doesn’t send you into shock. Well this piece essentially was that exact little escapade for myself. Thankfully the price tag showed $20, which filled my stomach with butteries and my eyes could settle back into their sockets again.

Now I don’t really know what to call it, a stand or a very large nightstand? Either way I had no place to put it in my house, but let’s be honest that never stops me. Buy now and figure out later, that seems to be my motto for all things creative.

My brain did fortunately kick into gear and I inspected the piece to see what there was to work with. It was in quite good shape, heavy wood with minor little scratches and some little cracks here and there. Nothing that would take a ton of time to fix and overall it would be a relatively easy refurbish if painted. 

The stand did chill for a little while in storage, but then we got a new bed that was suddenly super high. Our old nightstand was no longer tall enough. Perfect this little beauty was going to come in handy. Time for a makeover!


The items used:

– Paint sheet
– Bucket and rag (for TSP)
– 2 Lint free rags (one for wiping dust other for Hemp Oil)
– Lint free microfiber paint roller (optional)
– Paint roller pan (optional)
– Synthetic bristle paint brush
– 200 grit sandpaper
– 240 or 320 grit sandpaper
– Fusion Mineral Paint  -Mustard
– Fusion Hemp Oil
1. Clean the item     This is just something I do right off the bat. You never know where a piece came from or what it was used for. Best to use TSP and scrub it down good, getting any oils or grease that may be on it off. Follow the directions on the bottle for use and then let dry.

2. Scuff Sand     The nightstand like I said was in good shape and I really did love the rich dark stain that was on it. I removed the drawer and set aside as I wanted to keep it as it was. With 200 grit sandpaper I want over the rest of the piece to give it a nice overall scuff sand. This helps the paint adhere to the surface properly. Wiping down with lint free rag when done to remove all the dust.

 3. Wood Filler     I did’t want to sand down the piece to remove any nicks and there were a few cracks that needed to be filled, so I opted to fill in any nicks with wood filler as well. Since I had decided to paint the nightstand this was no problem, you’d never notice. Make sure to use a paintable wood filler. I tend to apply it with my fingers so I can push it down into cracks and little nicks easily. Then let dry for amount of time as directed. Once dry I went over with my 200 grit sandpaper and smoothed out the areas the wood filler had been used and then wiping down with a lint free rag again to remove all the dust.

  4. Paint     Time to slap on the paint! Ok so not slap on, but you get where I’m going with this. Often I will use a primer on a dark piece like this, just so I don’t have to do as many coats of paint for full coverage. In this case I was going for a bit of a shabbier worn look and wanted some of the dark to show through when sanded a touch. Plus the Fusion Mustard colour actually has decent coverage and 2 coats worked beautifully. I applied with with a microfiber roller from Fusion for the large areas and a synthetic bristle paint brush for corners and smaller areas. I like using a roller on larger surface areas as it’s a lot faster and gives a great smooth finish. After giving the first coat time to dry, I lightly sanded the painted area with 240 grit sandpaper and wiped away the dust. Using a fine sandpaper like this helps ensure a smooth finish. A second coat of paint was applied after this and left to dry.

5Hemp Oil     For the drawer I had set aside earlier, I wanted to give it a little life back. I took Fusion’s Hemp Oil and applied generously with a lint free rag, left for 30 min to absorb and then with the clean area of a rag wiped off any access. The Hemp Oil brought out a beautiful luster to the wood, making it nice and rich again.

6. Shabby/ Worn Look   This is completely optional as it just depends on what your style is. Usually I don’t do this, but with the little cool accents and that gorgeous colour underneath the mustard I thought it was fitting to scuff it up a bit. With my 200 grit sandpaper I went over areas I wanted a little darkness to shine through. You can destress as much as you’d like. My taste falls on the lighter side and gives it almost a little antique look.

And just like that another project is complete. I’m so excited to have this piece next to my bed and I can actually reach things on the nightstand now without almost falling off the bed. Got to count all the small wins in life. Plus waking up and see this beauty everyday, I’ll be doing a happy dance every morning.

Until next time Create, Smile and Radiate!

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