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    Dollar Store Mirror Glam-up

    Dollar Store Mirror Glam-up Recently I came across a mirror in the dollar store that looked like there was some potential for it and my nieces birthday was coming up, so win, win.

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    Vintage Sewing Chair Refresh Goes Floral

    Vintage Sewing Chair Refresh Goes Floral How often do you venture outside your comfort zone? I am terrible for staying pretty much dead centre of my comfort zone. Well I decided to wonder out into extremely unknown territory and embrace floral for this project.

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    Cut the Mustard with Fusion Mineral Paint

    Cut the Mustard with Fusion Mineral Paint Do you ever have a piece of furniture just yell at you? It almost always happens when you’re kinda just walking along browsing in a shop, scanning every department but not really diving in and looking. Then out of no wear your eyes fall on a piece and it’s yelling “Take me with you!”

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    Dining Room Table Makeover

    Dining Room Table Makeover We have all encountered those scraped up and rundown dining room tables, wether you’re kicking around a garage sale, wondering through a secondhand store or driving by and see one sitting on the side of the road with a big FREE sign on it. (Lucky You!) There is always this little voice inside your head saying