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    Dollar Store Mirror Glam-up

    Dollar Store Mirror Glam-up Recently I came across a mirror in the dollar store that looked like there was some potential for it and my nieces birthday was coming up, so win, win.

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    Hanging Wall Decor and Organizers Without Making Pesky Holes

    Hanging Wall Decor and Organizers Without Making Pesky Holes Do you ever run into those certain types of wall decor or organizers that just can’t be hung with Command Strips? Wether it’s due to the fact you can’t remove any of the hanging hardware on it, or there is just small holes for screws to fit into designed right into the decor item. There has to be a work around if you don’t want to put holes all over you walls right?

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    Easter Garland DIY

    Easter Garland DIY How often does this happen to you? Wandering through the craft store taking a peak at their new seasonal decor

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    Vintage Sewing Chair Refresh Goes Floral

    Vintage Sewing Chair Refresh Goes Floral How often do you venture outside your comfort zone? I am terrible for staying pretty much dead centre of my comfort zone. Well I decided to wonder out into extremely unknown territory and embrace floral for this project.

  • Repurposed

    Making Kids Clothes from Thrifted Finds

    Making Kid’s Clothes from Thrifted Finds Does anyone else’s mind work this way? You happen upon a cute garment and ask yourself is this an atrocious colour for my skin tone? You betcha. Does it have a cute adorable pattern? Of course that why I picked it up. I should probably put this down. Yea down INTO MY CART! 

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    Cut the Mustard with Fusion Mineral Paint

    Cut the Mustard with Fusion Mineral Paint Do you ever have a piece of furniture just yell at you? It almost always happens when you’re kinda just walking along browsing in a shop, scanning every department but not really diving in and looking. Then out of no wear your eyes fall on a piece and it’s yelling “Take me with you!”

  • Blast from the Past

    Thrifted Burgundy Dress Refashion

    Thrifted Burgundy Dress Refashion My very first REFASHION!!!! So for the past couple days I’ve kept on seeing the “How You’ve Aged 10 Year Challenge” and it made me start thinking what was I up to back then. I cruising the old facebook page and presto came across my very first refashion.