A Little About Me

Hello everyone, welcome!

My name is Anna-Christin (yes that’s just my first name) and I love to create. It started when I was very little an overtime it has expanded greatly. When I say greatly, I mean sometimes when you walk into my craft room you have to move through it like it’s an episode of hoarders. You would think I’d be a little ashamed when it get like this, but I’m really not. It’s a B.E.A.Utiful creative mess that I adore.

My ultimate happy places are garage sales, thrift/second hand and craft stores. Honestly having access to an abandoned shed or barn plasters a massive smile on my face. When I enter any of these places my head goes into a trance, dancing around all the things that can be created or repurposed in some way. So sometime shopping with me can be difficult, it’s hard to get my attention cause I’m in a whole different world. If I just have to run into a hardware store or a building centre to grab just one thing (insert large amounts of laughter here, I bought a truck for a reason), my husband knows he’s most likely to find me drooling over all the power tools. Thankfully he is a very wonderful, patient and supportive man who smiles as he listens to me spewing all the crazy ideas that pop into my head. They often all come at once and he has go interrupt me every once in awhile to make sure I take a breath and blink. What can I say, I get a tad excited.

I came from a beautiful supportive family of creators. My mom sews beautiful things and loves many, many other types of crafting and my dad is a carpenter with a perfectionists eye. They have passed down their knowledge and passion for creating to us kids. My brother, sister and I all gravitated to crafting in some form. My brother Darren is now a carpenter with an amazing imagination for creating beautiful pieces. My sister Cherie’ loves to create so many different things, pretty much anything that is tiny, tedious and needs a great deal of patience she goes after. They even married creative people! My brother’s wife Amanda has a really taken to sewing and creating some of the most beautiful pieces for her little on-line children’s clothing boutique. (Psst. my mom, sister Cherie’ and I also help out and make a few things, check it out) My sister’s husband Melvin has a small mill that he runs for a hobby. The cuts of wood that comes out of there is amazing. Lucky for me I get the coolest things for birthdays and Christmas from them.

My interests land somewhere in the middle of my sibling. I love creating or repurposing wooden items, but at the same time my fabric stash and second hand clothing closet(s) for repurposing are steadily growing. I’m also lover of almost all crafts that land in-between those two things. Picture a girl with a tool belt that has a hammer and nails, but there is also a glue gun, knitting needles, rolls of HTV vinyl, spools of thread and sewing needles shoved in the pockets. Holding a nail gun and clothing iron in her hands, all while wearing a flannel shirt and vintage pants. I won’t get into the shoes or this paragraph might not end.

The inspiration behind the name for the blog comes from that feeling you get when you creating. Sure creating can be hard and frustrating at times, but when you’re on the right path and see what is coming together in front of you it’s hard not to smile. Whether it be the last nail hammered in, the finishing touches of paint or that last stitch of thread, you get a sense of accomplishment that can make anyone’s smile radiate.

Hope you follow along with this crazy journey and we can create, repurpose and learn new skill together.